About Us

Rella Plastics Pty Ltd is a totally Australian, privately owned business, established in 1979. The company is financially strong with the security of ownership in its plant, machinery and technology.

Rella is based in Melbourne, Victoria; however, its customer base is stretched throughout Australia and overseas. Rella occupies approximately 70,000 square feet of factory, offices and warehouse at its plant in Melbourne.

Rella Plastic is basically the amalgamation of two businesses under the one roof, Melville Tooling www.melvilletooling.com.au and Rella Plastics. Melville Tooling provides all custom tooling, maintenance, design and technical die analysis and service for Rella Plastics. Rella Plastics (moulding) is a plastic injection moulding facility specialising in custom moulding of a wide variety of plastic components.

 Rella Plastics | Plastic Moulding Melbourne | Injection Moulding Australia

The company is very committed to the basic business principles of enhanced customer service and satisfaction supplying quality products, on time and at competitive market prices. Our commitment to this has resulted in Rella being a quality endorsed company to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001.

Please continue to research our company by viewing our website. Any comments or queries are much appreciated, please do so via “Contact Us Page” or direct email office@rellaplastics.com.au

 Rella Plastics | Plastic Moulding Melbourne | Injection Moulding Australia